Any help is appreciated. Comment by Jay — March 6, 2: Having played around with this configuration for some hours now, I have found a couple of things that may or may not be of use to know. Seems several drums playing at once — and not the tom toms? Nice work, just got one for Christmas and have finally worked out why what you said above wasnt working! That fixed it for me in Sonar.

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I have tried this with GlovePie and all the scripts given above.

RSS feed for comments on this post. I had another joystick connected and the drums need to be Controller 1, not 2 as it was defaulting to, so if it doesnt work — make sure you uninstall any existing joysticks.

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Comment by Jack Powell — October 11, 2: Cheers Comment by Jay — March 8, 8: Zack’s Drum site Information on his drum kit and advice for beginning drummers. Create your own radio station and broadcast events for listeners over the Internet. Magicpete 22 March at ied0 I just noticed that someone is selling information on ebay on how to achieve what this article describes and provides for free.


To combat this, I just changed the wait command for the right pedal to about double the global var. I would be endlessly grateful if someone helped me out! Same problem…running Redrum on Mca.

I was able to get the cymbol choke to work in fl studio. Comment by Charles Purcell — March 17, Setting ioh variabke to show the non working pads shows that they dont seem to change even though I can see them change in the joystick control pannel display.

I dont want to wake my sister up in the night even if i do have headphones by banging about. Comment by Max — March 16, Comment by simon h — December 26, 2: Comment by Cokekola — July 14, Thanks for our hard work. The default in my script maps to Ied005 Midi In Port 2. Comment by Dave Shwartz — March 25, 7: DVD Audio Extractor 4.

If so do you have a fix and could you post it here cos I know jack diddly squat about programming. I recently purchased the ION iED05 drum kit, despite having seen a number of reviews that stated that it had no capability outside of the software — and therefore drum samples — supplied with the kit.


ION Audio Studio Session USB Electronic Drum Kit IED05 B&H Photo

Comment by Tom — May 1, 8: Rob 22 August at Each pad needs to be polled about every ms and compared to the previous results to test for a new hit. Comment by Jay — November 14, 3: Its already configured in cubase sx 3 eid05 the lm7 drum module.

BroadWave Streaming Audio Server 1. And when I hit them they just send a jumbled MIDI message, resultsing in about 6 bangs of several drums going off everytime i hit any drum.

Pete’s Development Blog: Mac ION iED05 software

Comment by Dave — December 31, 4: Comment by David — July 6, 8: Tweaking The script is well commented, so if you need to change anything, it should be fairly simple. Ier05, WindowsWindowsWindows Vista.

Seems several drums playing at once — and not the tom toms?