This is our very latest stable release and will stay so for quite a while, until 2. Cambridge Audio Azur D. I tried with different video’s. You can even use it on a diskless computer, the whole system being loaded in RAM. Our team always has been too small numbered and managing a distribution takes resources. Org ATI driver to 6.

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I’ve been using this for the whole weekend, watching my favorite videos right on my tv. It works on bit and bit Windows. In the mean time, you’ll be pleased to hear that 2.

It is radically different from the 1. This is the best media player so far.

GeeXboX Version History – VideoHelp

If i load this – downloaded and inserted folder apps into root of sd card and after that runned with homebrew channel – i load and black screen white font and some text and ends with – some files missing or corruptted – or format card or something like that but the base is right and the second stage of system could not be loaded.

Cambridge Audio Azur D.

Org ATI drivers issues. Also, Enna has been designed to be simple and intuitive to be used. I guess I should execute something like dhclient wlan0but there is no dhclient…?



Any chance GeeXBoX could be changed to use this same technique? Views Read View source View history. We already had receive a lot of offers for GeeXBoX being used in mainstream market And we still are requested for some times. Though, keep in geexvox that, as the name suggests, it’s an alpha version only. Apparently, this is not my Wii. It seems geexbix ISO files play very choppy. MPlayer will then uses all of your CPU’s cores to do software video decoding.

This means that unfortunately, it still suffers a lot of bugs and many regressions towards 1. Just thought I’d inform of a ‘feature’ that I have noticed – I have a PAL Wii and when ever I set the Wii to 60Hz Pal the splash screen is never displayed instead all the loading console stuff, but, if I set it to 50Hz mode the splash screen is always displayed.

Skins Some features however have vanished. Help us keep the list up to date and submit new video software here.

January 10, at If I manually chose a file from the file list, when it ends playing, it takes me back to the main menu, instead of playing the next file in the list.


I want this on my wii-please help me MP4s are running super choppy for me. Org driver to 2. Network connectivity with SMB nameserver support does work at this point without having specified static shares. Geexbox server to 1. Welcome to GeeXboX ….

SlashGear Exclusive – Interview with GeeXboX

Any intention to include xmms plugin? This is what i need.

Over the years and especially last monthsa lot of efforts have been made to work on the upcoming 2. January 9, at I noticed that this does not happen on the stand alone Mplayer. Perhaps it’s a typo in the settings file but if you can update it, it would work out of the box for all us poor guys asking around in forums why it displays gibberish instead of X-lang: Next steps are up to you: