EXFO also warrants that this equipment will meet applicable specifications under normal use. Joining mismatched connectors will damage the ferrules. Clean the ferrule in the connector port as follows: From normal operating mode, hold down for a few seconds. Nulling is not performed. Invisible laser radiation may be encountered at the output port. Can also be used to mount the following;1.

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Troubleshooting Transportation Transportation Maintain a temperature range within specifications when transporting the unit.

The FOT may contain up to three sources. To clean EUI connectors: Maintenance Cleaning Fixed Connectors 5. Value with Signal on page Tuimeldroer droer Whirlpool en wasmajien R You will save and recall this data according to cable names and fiber numbers.

Switches between wavelengths HOLD: Select the cable in which you want to delete saved data by using and to move forward or backward. Switches be Page 20 Getting Started Activating the Backlight Activating the Backlight When operating the unit in the dark, use the backlight to make data on the display more visible.


The keypad buttons will also light for about 10 seconds. From normal operating mode, hold down seconds. Post an ad like this for FREE!

Location Port ElizabethEastern Cape. The fpmm-600 digit of the wavelength 5b. If the detector is dusty, blow dry with compressed air. EXFO is not responsible for damage or errors caused by bad fiber cleaning or handling. When fiber ID is displayed, hold down both and for a few seconds.

FPM | Power Meters | CWDM Measurement | LAN Certification

The information presented in this section is provided as a reference only. The unit takes very long to turn on. No more taking turns doing the things. Being careful not to touch the soft end of the swab, moisten a cleaning tip with only one drop of isopropyl alcohol.

The MaxTester MAX fom-600 a 7-inch touchscreen, the largest and most user-friendly display in the industry to simplify tasks for the technician. The price of the device is low as it needs some repair work. The first digit of the threshold 6b. Page 3 Contents Certification Information Put aside the old battery.


EXFO FLS & FPM Light Source and Power Meter Kit | OLTS

Specifications are guaranteed for calibrated wavelengths only. After saving a value, the unit prepares the next fiber ID according to the selected increment 0, 1 or 2.

When using this source with the FPM power meter.

Page 55 Maintenance Cleaning Fixed Connectors 5. To free memory, you must delete all data at once.

EXFO FPM-602 Power Meter

This reduces the need for communication between the two technicians and decreases the potential for error. Designed for daily home, healthcare and clinics. Edit the power value as follows: WARNING The use of controls, adjustments and procedures other than those specified herein may result in exposure to hazardous situations or impair the protection provided by this unit.