As always, the part numbers for the components are linked to websites for data and more information when available. I haven’t tested the maximum limit though. Replace these wires with the wires you removed from a sound blaster audio cable. Thanks for signing up. Earthmate II Pin Outs. The serial connection in the schematic is set up for a computer connection. There should be no pin 9 on the female side of this connector bridge!

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PIC16F88 Delorme Tripmate GPS Logger

See the pictures below for more details. R1 is a pull-up resistor necessary for operation. It does many of the things some of you have requested! The page offering the fix long gone was off of the “other” software tab and provided a list of the fixes that included a “Year ” item that fries me a bit after a series of tech support calls to them clearly id’ing this issue as being in their app but receiving only rebuffs from them. The delorm of the housing can then be removed and the two plastic pin holder halves separated enough to fill with a bit of glue and rejoined.

This command is the reverse of the above. If you know tdipmate source, please email me so that I can post felorme credit or switch to a valid link.

TripMate Self Start Modification

In addition, I would need to tripmzte a PIC with more memory because the MMC specification requires that I write whole byte pages at a time and not fractional parts thereof. MAKE, popular science, hackaday, engadget, fallon, braincraft Notice the battery plug in the lower left and the 5 wires just to the right along the bottom edge.


Unsolder the wire on solder pad 4 RED from the tripMate circuit board and insulate the exposed end. Read on to find out more information about the project, see the schematic and soure code I wrote, and find out how the data was visualized.

I have very little electronics capabilities but if this were available in easy to follow steps to modify the gps receiver, and then to add a simple 3 and a half digit LCD display it would be really great. You will also be receiving the weekly Make: I know it was nearly a year ago you asked this question. Hello again Steven, you have other bug in the schematic, pin 11 from PIC goes to pin 2, not 11 to 1, check the pdf of max, i have spend 2 hours do discover this because i dont have pulses in bootloader comming to com port, im going to try connect to a bluetouht gps, i disable the BT and found the rs ports in pcb, but the gps send mnea commands at bps, can you change the hex for me please, or tell me what correct program to assemble your.

If “Delorme or Tripmate” is not an option, the Tripmate will not function as it will not be initialized by the software. However, the unit is dated, designed to be used with Delorme products see below for the special “init string so I have moved on to more uptodate products such as the Magellan Meridian and Explorist self contained handheld mapping units and have forgotten most of what I used to know about the Tripmate, so, if the information you seek is not on this page, it’s “Google Time” as asking me is not going to be productive.


GPS – Global Positioning System

Thanks for signing up. Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems. By Phillip Torrone Phillip Torrone.

If you or anyone else reading this wants to track my progress, I will be posing it online hopefully soon. Your method seems like a much easier approach. This is for a radio club transmitter hunting competition where competitors have to Direction Dellrme DF the transmitter in the shortest time and distance. I would love to hear from anyone else regarding the use as a speedo.

My ultimate goal will be to use a small backpack to record my runs once the weather warms up. As you can see from the image, I have now made several with a variety of power connectors to meet specific needs. The picture above shows one of my Tripmates mounted to a flat piece of aluminum which is attached to the stoplight on the top of the cab of my trusty Ranger pickup truck.

Sign up for the Make: The serial connection in the schematic is set up for a computer connection. Please check your email. Check very carefully for stay strands of wire from your soldering. I don’t know what all the parameters are.

Believe it or not, there is a regulator underneath those epoxy capacitors. It is designed to be used with a laptop computer and the only way to turn it on is delormf a special command from the computer. Timestamps would be great.