I have a deck to do would this have enough grunt to drive and countersink deck screws? They got back to me and advised the following: A normal drill into concrete? Drilled, sunk and screwed! Having said that, it looks like the Makita special is only available in Vic. Why did you buy the Pano, and what’s it rated compared to ‘this’ model?

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Rang NSW state operations, very helpful but don’t know either, awaiting call back to advise.

Any recommendations for a small drill for screwing in screws in tighter spaces? Plus I drrill know where I’d turn if I had to replace the batteries on the Aldi model…. This is how retail works. We can all be happy that we are not getting ripped off as we did 5 years back.

I then clicked on the contact us link and asked them why I cant find that model on their site. Unit comes in the typical Makita hard plastic case with carry handle.

Beware Of Tools From Bunnings – Makita

The end result,”you get what you payed for” always rings true. Not just for drilling, but because of it’s adjustable torque settings you can also use it to drill screws, etc.


I have included the specifications for both models for you to see the slight difference between the two. Its often the opposite.

If you can find it advertised cheaper elswhere – it’s probably because they haven’t screwed the manufacturer down to an exclusivity deal yet. Originally Posted by viper You can use a Hyundai i30 to tow a loaded trailer, but it isn’t going to do it very well for very long. Basically, anything your DIY brain can imagine!!! My local Bunnings had 3 kits on the shelf, first 2 had all the batteries cleared out, i’d say some jerk grabbed them and stuffed them into another box.

Bunnings mainly stock Makita’s standard range and LXT cordless range as found in every other shop. Then they advertise the model at a good price that cannot be purchased elsewhere, only they have it.

I know someone who worked in a local hardware store and they were really pissed makira Bunning’s was killing their business. Yes you can do it, but it takes a fair bit of effort. Has anyone picked it up yet?

Makita Redemptions

The only thing i miss is the LED light: I have no direct first-hand experience except to say that I avoid any tool from a well-known brand that cannot be found on the manufacturer’s website. And likewise, drilled, countersunk and screwed. I’ve used it to: Package Dimensions mm W: I heard that Bunnings sometimes get manufacturers to make cheaper tools for their stores only. So in the end you got a great deal. I contacted the wholesalers who did not reply to my email other than an auto reply.


Having said that I have seen the prices going down dramatically for past 5 years, which is a good sign. OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. But yours is maakita Hammer version? Japanese bearings, Japanese motors, Japanese switches.

Perfect for stuff around the house. Makita is next level compared to AEG.