Compact disc Rotating disc computer storage media Ecma standards Optical computer storage Optical computer storage media Rainbow Books Japanese inventions Video game distribution. The speeds are typically listed in that order; i. That’s a property of the dye. I can never remember the what the order of the notation on the oudside of a cd or dvd drive. I left my heart in Prussia, but my body lives in Sydney Australia Registered:

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You might consider replacing that drive. Of course, it is really never this simple.

Fri Jul 02, 9: Finally, many manufacturers will claim something like 48X when in fact 48X is only a maximum “burst” speed; meaning that the drive or its electronics are not able to sustain that speed long enough to read cdroj entire disk.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the rated write speed. That will start your morning off right!

CD and DVD writing speed

It could just as easily part my poor old graying scalp. At that speed even minor imperfections or dust can get in the way.

Pre-pressed CD-ROMs are mass-produced by a process of stamping where a glass master disc is created and used to make “stampers”, which are in turn used to manufacture multiple copies of the final disc with the pits already present. It happens, but cdrok expect me to post any video.


What does the ‘X’ in a 48X speed CD-ROM mean?

Notenboom has been playing with computers since he was required to take a programming class in Helping people with computers If so, this would help explain cd’s exploding. The parallel reference was intended to mean, was the speed designation on the media in reference solely to recordable speed, or max rotational speed?

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Ships with the following: My HP has 2 little tabs on the forward edge of the tray that probably are there for the same preventative reason, but the occasion to retrofit another drive may arise someday. Unlike audio CDs, the data stored in these sectors corresponds to any type of digital data, not audio samples encoded according to the audio CD specification.

Sat Jul 03, 1: Apparently the estimate of 10krpms is a tad low. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. This is converted into binary data. As faster drives were released, the write speeds and read speeds for optical discs were multiplied by manufacturers, far exceeding the drive speeds originally released onto the market.

This is only theoretical however, and is affected by command overhead, the interface speed, etc.


CD and DVD writing speed – Wikipedia

Jul 9, Posts: In the past we would only have csrom other CD-ROM drives, but I think it is fair to broaden that to simply optical drives these days. The SC does very well compared to the other Samsung products in this list of reference optical drives.

If it isn’t in contact with the drive mechanism, or the disk was out of balance They can also coexist with audio CD tracks as well, which is the case of mixed mode CDs.

Wed Jun 30, 4: Apr 16, Posts: Several formats are used for data stored on compact discs, known as the Rainbow Books. We made sure that the drive was set to DMA to get the best possible results from it. The faster you spin it, the harder the atoms try to fly apart – spin it hard enough and they’ll succeed.

That’s just the problem. Archived from the original PDF on After “retiring” inLeo started Ask Leo!