0FE6 9700 DRIVER

0FE6 9700 DRIVER

Or is this purely a driver issue, not a power issue? No, still open issue but as this is not top urgent, I left it away. Wednesday, June 13 , Only cross-compilation is officially supported, though you can apply the patches manually and compile the kernel natively on the device. It could really offer a low cost way to use Ethernet. I have now ordered this one http:

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TP1-TP2 voltage measured solid at 4.

RPi USB Ethernet adapters

Anyway, I am now stuck, any idea is welcome. Sign In Sign Up.

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RPi USB Ethernet adapters –

Unlike later, USB 1. But when using the insmod command, this load.

The version I used was “Linux kernel 3. Works out of the box driver present since kernel 2. Works out of box very stable with asix kernel driver on latest raspbian 3. I have read documentation about user provided patches under user configuration, and despite the patch was in the right place i did not succeed. Apparently, there is a module qf that could help. Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode.


Wednesday, April 04 Raspberry Pi kernel applies “dmbug. But I’m probably taking a real long shot 900 I. I have been browsing the Internet and found out this usb id has been used for 2 different version of usb Ethernet adaptorusing different chip.

Opi lite : USB ethernet Kontron DM Fast Ethernet Adapter – Allwinner H2 & H3 – Armbian forum

Please login to post a reply You will need to be logged in to be able to post a reply. Would we have to have a custom kernel with embedded drivers to get gigabit and high speed to work?

Adapter needs last raspbian kernel. But it doesn’t work out 0de6 the box, so far.

With last kernel there is no problem and adapter working fine. Easy to follow instructions on how to download the kernel source code and symbol files can be found in the 2nd posting hereincluding how to compile the module. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android.


My 1st link above mentions a ‘real fix’ here: 0de6 to unplug and plug USB again.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Is it original dm or chinese copy recognized as dm?

Although it looks like the not-yet-released official dock will charge the N7 via the dots on the side, leaving the USB port free. OK, so I finally took delivery of the adapter that I ordered back in post You will need to be logged in to be able to post a reply.

I installed the newer kernel from Tim and tried to compile with that one but also got errorsapparently located on the usbnet definition. Recognise out of the box on my Ubuntu computer but not working on my clearos 5.